Previously, I have written about scams in internet investing because we are easily fooled by sweet offers and promises with screenshots of people who once supported and got the highest returns. As such as Interfund investment

Even then, we need our double money, daydreaming in various ways after making a profit from the investment. But, it is deceived to control oneself with a very high yield (if you think it is illogical).

Thus, the investment has played on our feelings; after we deposit and the next day can make a profit highest, the company announces a big payoff, but to withdraw the money must pay legal fees and various hidden costs; otherwise, our money is blocked. Finally, we are exhausted after spending RM4-5K!

Read articles on ‘illegal’ investment scams on social media such as Facebook. Read articles on ‘illegal’ investment scams on social media such as Facebook. Before that, I wrote here:

By Muhammad Soulhiey Zeckry

Betul atau salah hanya persepsi, kedua-dua tema itu perlu kepada HUJJAH, manakah yang paling kuat dengan pembuktian yang kukuh untuk menentukan kebenaran (HAQ) antara dua tema tersebut..Maka, dimanakah kita nak letak tempat HAQ itu? Berbaliklah kepada ilmu pengetahuan masing-masing untuk menentusahkan dan kepercayaan sehingga menimbulkan keyakinan.

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