Tips dan format yang perlu ada apabila kita menulis email berbentuk aduan ialah :

-Pastikan ada nama yang kita tuju

-Siapa kita

-Kenapa kita tulis aduan

-Apakah masalah/kerugian yang kita alami

-Jelaskan dgn jelas apa yang berlaku cth kita jumpa siapa, apa reaksi dia, bila jumpa dan dia bagitau apa

-Aduan atau komplen mesti detail dan jelas

-Apa yang kita mahu mereka buat, minta ganti rugi dari segi apa wang ringgit, baucar, minta maaf ke dsb

-Sekiranya gagal selesai apa yang perlu kita buat.

-Di mana/ Bila

-Masalah dengan jelas masa dan tarikh

-Apa kesan kita dgn masalah tersebut

-Perlu minta ganti rugi

-Apa tindakan yang bakal di ambil

-Apa perasaan kita sprt menyesal/sedih cth masalah tersebut telah menganggu

Ini adalah contoh soalan dan email yang saya telah buat :


You are a final semester student in a university. You faced an issue in making a tuition fee payment for your coming semester. The website did not acknowledge your ID number and declined your entry. After struggled for few hours you decided to logout from the system.

However, you received a penalty payment memo on the next working day. Immediately you addressed this issue via a telephone call to one of the staff at the finance department. Pn Salmi failed to assist you and insisted that you have to come in person to the office to solve your problem, and also she emphasized that you still need to pay the penalty amount for an entry. Since now you are in your hometown, you will not be able to fly back to your campus without a letter and a police approval.

Thus, you asked Pn Salmi for the letter but she said she is not responsible for the issuance of letter. She demanded you to find it from your Dean or Head of Department. 

Upon frustration, you write a complain email to the Office, Administration and Registration Department (OAR) Director, Mr James at your university.

Saya cuba tulis email untuk mengadu masalah ini

Dear Mr James,

Director Officer Administration and Registration Department (OAR) Science University Of Malaysia. I`m Nik Bin Ahmad from No.1 Kampung Merdeka, Kuching, Sarawak, I’m a student from Science University Of Malaysia in final semester this year No. Matrix 222134 from Faculty Science and Social. For your information, on 22.02.2022 at 8.30 pm, I logged into the payment website several times using the correct ID and password to pay my final semester tuition fees through the university link, but I could not access the website.

I was disappointed with this problem, after that,  on 23.02.2022 at 9.00 am, I received a memo through email that I would be penalized for the delay in making this payment, and directly I contacted Mrs Salmi by phone, she is a staff of the finance division of the university whom in charge to solve a payment problem. However, she insisted on requiring me to pay the stated amount of RM500 immediately. Otherwise, there will be an additional penalty. She demanded I come personally to the office to settle the correction amount.

I have told her that I am now in my hometown in Kuching, Sarawak, in a difficult situation to fly back to campus without a university confirmation letter and police approval for me to move due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) enforced by the government to control the Covid-19 pandemic. I was frustrated because Mrs Salmi did not understand the current situation and asked me to come to the office and not issue a confirmation letter to get a police approval letter near my hometown.

With this, I feel very stressed with the attitude of Mrs Salmi, who, without prior discussion with the university management, to give a better decision and please my heart. I feel sad because she could not solve my problem. Furthermore, the world is experiencing a Covid-19 pandemic that is causing me to feel depressed as I have Wi-Fi connection issues. Even though I have tried several times to get into the website to make a payment, my ID number was not recognized, and I was not allowed an entry to make payment. Thus, it was a server issue on that day, and I could not be held responsible for paying the extra charges.

Therefore, I appeal to you to refer to the relevant parties to help me with this problem. For your information, I feel very depressed about this, and I have migraines and saw a doctor take medicine. I will also suffer a loss by paying the penalty due to the arrears of my tuition fees which will disrupt my studies in this final semester that has many assignments I need to submit immediately. I once again appeal to you to solve my problem immediately. If you fail to resolve this issue, I will extend this complaint to the Human Rights and Consumer Rights Tribunal as I have a recording of a telephone conversation with Mrs Salmi and a doctor’s confirmation letter. In addition, I will also write on Facebook or Instagram if you are not serious about this issue.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


Attachments: voice recording with Mrs Salmi and doctor’s confirmation letter.

By Muhammad Soulhiey Zeckry merupakan Rakan Penyelidik Nusantara (RPN) untuk pembangunan dan perkembangan Sains Sosial [Pengajian Islam, Bahasa Arab dan Perundangan Syariah] di Nusantara. [[Perkhidmatan]]Guaman Syarie, Pengurusan Harta Islam, Editorial dan Perujuk Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB). PENAFIAN : Tidak semestinya tulisan dalam laman ini adalah pandangan muktamad penulis. SOKONGAN PADU :>>>Tabung Muallaf 50 Sen Sehari>>>

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