Before that, I wrote an essay or composition in task 2 for pattern two sides discussion. In that have pattern-based questions for Malaysian University English Test (MUET). So I was sharing here how to make answers for the question. It cannot be less than 250 words for this pattern essay Opinion. However, if we are not careful, we can lose a lot of marks. The overall score here is 60% if less than 250 words marks are deducted about 50% on this task. So it must go to less than 250 words. Therefore, we must have skills for answered.

How-to tips for writing essay pattern opinion? Let’s go! It`s must be 5 or 6 paragraphs in this essay.

For example question :

Should social networking sites be banned?

So, how-to tips and tricks must memorize for writing and how to budget paragraphs and lines :

Paragraph 1- Introduction (1 until 4 lines only, maximum 4 lines only)

Thesis statement -must have a connection with the general idea. Follow title- What is social media, what is Covid-19 etc. Here is also an answer to the question. Choose Yes or No or agree or disagree for opinion. Must have related later at body content.

Paragraph 2- Body Content (8 until 10 lines) 1 point and explain

Paragraph 3-Body content (8 until 10 lines) 1 point and explain

Paragraph 4-Body content (8 until 10 lines) 1 point and explain

Paragraph 5- Conclusion (2 lines )

Okay, I want to try for the question:

Should social networking sites be banned?

1-       Introduction

The digital age has posed a significant changes to modern human life. This is because applications are connecting other humans widely, and it is known as social media. Many are unhappy with the progress and demand to ban it completely. However in my opinion, the media should not be banned in this day and age because it is a modern human communication facility that may be used for numerous purposes.

2-     Body Content

In order for us to live in an era where quality of life , for example Smartphones are the best examples where every users have learn photography and videography skills. In comparison with olden days, those talents need years and guidance from experts. Nevertheless, young kids of current era manage their own collage and collections of photos as well as videos’ galleries. Eventually, money and time can be saved too as productivity increases.

3-     Body Content

As a result, social media plays a role in facilitating human contacts with others and accelerating human-to-human commercial relations. When humans have gotten to know one another, economic advancement will occur through the interchange of information, services, and goods, as well as buying and selling. For instance, when a housewife learns baking methods through YouTube channels, she can practice the techniques at home. Hence, she will gain confidence in  commercializing her new venture and start an online bakery. This helps everyone who is engaged in the process to get benefits especially the housewife can earn her decent income.


In conclusion, social media is incredibly useful in today’s world for conveying information and speeding up human duties. As a result, social media should be handled appropriately so that human values are always protected through excellent interactions.

By Muhammad Soulhiey Zeckry merupakan Rakan Penyelidik Nusantara (RPN) untuk pembangunan dan perkembangan Sains Sosial [Pengajian Islam, Bahasa Arab dan Perundangan Syariah] di Nusantara. [[Perkhidmatan]]Guaman Syarie, Pengurusan Harta Islam, Editorial dan Perujuk Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB). PENAFIAN : Tidak semestinya tulisan dalam laman ini adalah pandangan muktamad penulis. SOKONGAN PADU :>>>Tabung Muallaf 50 Sen Sehari>>>

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