How To Learn the Al-Quran Personally
How To Learn the Al-Quran Personally

How do I learn the Quran? Personal Quran Study at Tasek Gelugor, Penang. Okay, so here’s the deal: To eat, you must have the meal ready. We can finally eat now. The same holds for our journey to Mecca; we need to be mentally and physically ready. On the surface, it seems like there’s a lot of money, a passport, and some nice clothing. Looking within, we know that we can read the Quran, Salawat, Zikr, etc. with ease.

How to Learn the Quran personally?

In the hereafter, would we be prepared to confront Allah SWT? Being well-prepared is essential for reading His teachings, as we already have faith in the foundational book of faith: the Torah, Psalms, Injil, and Al-Quran.

I don’t know what will happen to us Muslims who still have trouble understanding the Qur’an; we seem to be becoming more and more preoccupied with worldly concerns that don’t contribute to our long-term well-being. When the angels Munkar and Nakir visit us, we finally understand that we have already died and gone to heaven.

At Tasek Gelugor, we study the Quran individually so that we may become effective instructors, not just have it read aloud by someone who can’t verify our accuracy. According to what Allah has decreed:

“If they are aware, the life here on earth is a mirage and a game, but the life beyond death is the true existence.”
(Al-Ankabut: 64)

How Do I Learn the Quran Personally?

Don’t you think that statement is crystal simple? If they are aware of it, their existence here on earth is nothing more than a waste of time and fun.

Individual Quran instruction is available to adults in Tasek Gelugor, Penang. The educator has extensive experience in the field. Private Quran sessions are popular because many individuals feel uncomfortable reading aloud in a large group, especially if they are not yet proficient readers.

I look forward to attending the al-Quran study session to face Allah SWT in a composed state. Life loses its purpose when we fail to remember our Creator, who bestowed grace and pleasure on us in this fleeting world.

How Do I Learn the Quran Personally?

Finally, for individuals seeking to deepen their knowledge and connection to the Quran, the Personal Quran class is an excellent option. Students in this programme have the opportunity to study at their own pace with the assistance of a seasoned instructor. Incorporating this measure into our plans will guarantee that we not only survive but thrive in this world. Getting to the next level of life will be much easier with it. You may find this tale in the previous post.

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By Muhammad Soulhiey Zeckry adalah Rakan Penyelidik Nusantara dalam pembangunan dan perkembangan kajian Sains Sosial , Pengajian Islam, Bahasa Arab dan Perundangan Syariah di Nusantara. Selain itu, menyediakan Perkhidmatan & Perundingan Guaman Syarie dan Pengurusan Harta Islam. PENAFIAN : Tidak semestinya tulisan dalam laman ini adalah pandangan muktamad penulis. SOKONGAN PADU :>>>Tabung Muallaf 50 Sen Sehari>>>

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